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Hot | driving the global textile industry innovation and sustainable development, 2020 annual meeting of the international spinning perfect ending

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On October 22, Beijing time, the three-day 2020 International Textile Federation Annual Conference came to a close.

The theme of this year's conference is "COVID-19 Pandemic: Reshaping the Global Textile Supply Chain",  Around the South Korea textile industry ", "management and data", "fiber (cotton + artificial fibre)", "sustainability and recycling economy", "SLCP - social labor integration project", "the future of China's textile industry", "fashion industry climate action charter", "innovation and technology with textile" and "collaboration" nine big issues for further communication and discussion.

Elect a new chairman and board of directors

On the same day, sun Ruizhe, president of China National Textile And Apparel Association (CNTAC), was unanimously elected as the new chairman of THE INTERNATIONAL Textile Association (ITTA).  Svanisan (India) and Juan Pris (Spain) are THE IFT Vice-Presidents, while Maurer (Switzerland) is the IFT Treasurer.  The conference also elected and appointed Mustafa Danize (Turkey), Jain (female,  India), Jiang Tai town (South Korea), ying-xin xu, vice President of China textile industry association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade branch of textile industry, China's textile international cooperation enterprise alliance executive director) capacity, gill (Thailand)/Indonesia, hispaniola hani (Bangladesh) for international spinning league members of the board of directors.  Christine Schindler, DIRECTOR-GENERAL of the INTERNATIONAL Textile Federation, presided over the handover ceremony.

China textile industry association will ChangSunRuiZhe, former President of Wang Tiankai, vice President of Xia Lingmin, ying-xin xu xiaoping, Yang Zhaohua, da-peng Chen, end, spinning league hong-ping yuan, director of the foreign affairs office of China, China spinning Duan Hong, director of the office, the finance department director Zhu Chao, cast Su Hong, director of the department, ministry of director HuaShan, Peng Yanli, director of the development of science and technology, information technology, director ZhaiYanJu,  Li Jincai, Director of industry Development Department, Zhu Beina, President of China Cotton Textile Association, Chen Zhihua, President of China Printing and Dyeing Association, Lin Yunfeng, President of China Knitting Industry Association, Gu Ping, President of China Textile Machinery Association, Liang Pengcheng, Executive Vice President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,  China textile construction of sarft dean de-hu feng China spinning league leaders and ruyi, constant day group, Oriental international group, Kang Pingna, wuxi YiMian, weiqiao, rongsheng, sanlian science college, heng shen hong, China spinning group, sateri group, head of the textile and apparel industry leading enterprises such as common at the venue, in Beijing, China witnessed the handover ceremony.  The Beijing session was hosted by Yuan Hongping, director of foreign Affairs office of China Textile Federation.

In 2014, Wang Tiankai, former president of China National Textile And Industry Council (CNTAC), became the first president from the Chinese mainland in its 100-year history.  2020 is an extraordinary year. Sun Ruizhe, Chairman of CCETAC, has been elected the president of IFTA with all votes, which demonstrates the growing influence and discourse power of China's textile and garment industry and the passion, responsibility, dedication and mission of all Chinese textile workers.

Cheng Yanghe, the former president of ITTA, said in his resignation speech that due to the impact of the epidemic, he could not get together with itTA colleagues in Seoul, South Korea, but through several days of online communication, he discussed some common problems and achieved very good results.  He congratulated Sohn Swee Chee, the new chairman, and expressed his full support for his work.

International federation of spinning league's new chairman, China's textile industry will ChangSunRuiZhe said at the handover ceremony said: when 116 - year - old international spinning, is to improve industry consensus, strengthen the global value chain cooperation an important platform, in promoting the global textile and garment industry innovation and sustainable development plays an irreplaceable role, has an important role in the history of the world textile development.  It is a great honour to serve the global textile industry as president of THE International Textile Federation.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that at present, the world is still not out of the haze of the epidemic.  For a long time to come, we will face pressure on global supply chain cooperation, a sharp decline in trade and investment, massive job losses, geopolitical conflicts, global climate change and other governance problems that span countries, ethnic groups, races and generations.  We need to be soberly aware that the prosperity mankind enjoys today is based on the evolution of civilization, technological progress and historical wisdom.  We must follow the trend and work with a more open and pragmatic attitude.  Together, we can get this done.

In order to further improve the credibility and executive power of itTA, so as to enhance the governance level of the global textile industry.  Sun Ruizhe put forward three suggestions: first, start the construction of think tanks, strengthen research and publication;  Second, establish annual awards to encourage innovation and contribution;  Third, promote the formulation of standards and promote integration and standardization.

China's open textile industry is going hand in hand with the world

Subsequently, the last three topics - "Climate Action Charter for fashion Industry", "Innovation and Textiles for Technology" and "Collaboration" were shared and discussed.  On the topic of "collaboration", Xu Yingxin, vice President of China National Textile And Apparel Association (CNTAC) delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "Open Chinese textile industry and the world".

Xu Yingxin (lower left), vice President of China National Textile Council, President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade textile Industry Branch, executive director of China Textile International Capacity Cooperative Enterprise Alliance.

Xu yingxin introduced the progress of China's textile industry opening up: "According to China's customs data, from January to September this year, China's textile and apparel exports totaled 215.8 billion US dollars, up 9.4% year on year.  Among them, textile exports reached $118 billion, up 33.7 percent year on year.  Despite the huge impact of COVID-19 this year, China's textile industry has achieved hard-won positive export growth, demonstrating strong supply chain stability and resilience.  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government and people have made every effort to fight the epidemic with great perseverance and responsibility. China's textile industry has made every effort to ensure the supply of masks, medical protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials, giving full play to its advanced manufacturing advantages and providing a large number of medical protective materials to all countries in the world."

"China's garment exports also recovered to positive growth in August and September as sales in major apparel retail markets such as Europe and the United States rebounded," Xu said.  Moreover, China's garment import trade has performed significantly better than its export performance, with China importing $5.17 billion of clothing from January to July this year, down only 6.5% from the same period last year.  The data shows that the Importance of the Chinese market is increasing year by year for all clothing fashion brands and suppliers.

In the absorption of foreign investment, Xu Yingxin introduced: the textile industry is China's early use of foreign investment, a relatively significant effect of an industry.  At present, China's textile industry continues to improve the environment for absorbing foreign investment, presenting a favorable situation of "structural optimization", "policy optimization" and "business environment optimization".

In terms of outbound investment in China's textile industry, Xu yingxin said the overall pace is "orderly".  "In recent years, outbound investment has become more rational, the pace of investment has become more stable and orderly, and the field of outbound investment has also changed significantly.  Outbound investment in the textile sector rose 31.87 percent year-on-year to $1.295 billion in 2019, according to the Ministry of Commerce.  Among them, the textile industry grew 5.05% year on year;  Textile clothing, apparel industry down 28.47% year on year;  Chemical fiber manufacturing increased by 367.89% year on year.  At present, Chinese enterprises have set up textile and garment production, trade and product design enterprises in more than 100 countries and regions, covering southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and other key regions."

Xu yingxin said that China is speeding up the transformation from opening based on the flow of goods and factors to opening based on rules and other institutions, deepening reform in foreign trade, strengthening innovation in science and technology, institutions, models and formats of business, focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative, and vigorously optimizing the trade structure.  At the same time, in the face of economic development challenges in the post-epidemic era and the adjustment of promoting the construction of a new domestic and international "double cycle" development pattern, China will continue to deepen bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and the textile industry will further increase communication and cooperation with international counterparts to support each other and jointly promote economic recovery and development.  In this process, CAFTA also hopes to carry out mutual cooperation with itTA members worldwide.

Xu Yingxin introduced the construction of China international fabric/garment series exhibition platform and the development of China Textile International Production capacity Cooperative Enterprise Alliance.  "An open China's textile industry will act and develop together with the rest of the world," Xu said. "Let's uphold the concept of openness and inclusiveness, continue to strengthen connectivity in technology, investment, trade, market, supply chain and sustainability, and promote the common development of the global textile industry for mutual benefit and win-win results."

New achievements!  New machine, open a new bureau!

In the fashion Industry Climate Action Charter, Pernilla Halldin from H&M of Sweden shared "We can only succeed together", explained H&M's green and sustainable approach, and hoped that the global supply chain can work together;  Rudiger Fox of Sympatex, Germany, said, "It is time to change our economic illusions," and appealed to the industry to join hands in climate change and ecological protection.  In "Textiles for Innovation and Technology", Rick Fowler of Youngone talks about "recovering from an addiction to low prices";  Abdel-fattahM.Seyam of the Wilson School of Textiles at North Carolina State University talks about the road to a fourth industrial revolution.  Tigran Vartanian, owner of Isomatex in Belgium, introduced "revolutionary new fibre-reinforced materials".  On the "Collaboration" topic, Juan Zighelboim from TexOps, El Salvador, talked about "internal and external factors of supply chain cooperation during the pandemic";  Jason Kra, from Li & Fung, talked about COVID-19 and the need for a more collaborative supply chain.  Paul Stoneham from Helly Hansen in Norway also shared the theme.

At this point, three days, focusing on nine major issues of 2020 international Textile Federation annual conference perfect end.  The wonderful speeches and cutting-edge views of many guests at this conference will become an important reference for the future development of the industry and enterprise decision-making.  In his inaugural speech, Sun Ruizhe, the new president of THE INTERNATIONAL Textile Federation, said: "We must practice the concept of people first, safeguard the rights and dignity of the global textile people as investors, workers and consumers, and safeguard social equity.  In the spirit of openness and inclusiveness, we need to work together to maintain a stable and smooth industrial and supply chains and a fair and open trade and investment environment.  We should embrace a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, explore the path of industry digitalization and intellectualization, and effectively promote the innovation and sustainable development of the global textile industry.  "We need to participate in global climate governance, fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the 'green recovery' of the post-epidemic world economy."

Let us hope that under the leadership of Chairman Sun Ruizhe and with the joint efforts of all members of ITTA, ITTA will make more achievements in enhancing the consensus of the global textile industry, strengthening the dialogue and cooperation of the global textile industry, promoting innovation and sustainable development of the global textile industry and building a harmonious global textile family.

At the end of the meeting, it was announced that the 2021 ITTA conference will be held in Davos, Switzerland from 26 to 28 September 2021. It will be jointly organized by Swiss Textile, Swiss Textile Machinery Association and Graez Textile Organization.

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