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  • 12-07-2024

    Comparison of Anti-skid Performance between TPR Backing 45&TPR Backing 35
    TPR material is a new type of environmentally friendly thermoplastic rubber material mixed with SBS as the base material.The 45 TPR backing is our first edition backing.The 35 TPR backing is our use backing now. The 35 TPR backing is softer than 45 TPR backing. As for the anti-slip performance of
  • 05-06-2024

    PVC backing calender process and scraping process
    Differences and advantages:1. Different gloss: the scraping process products are brighter2. Different toughness: scraping products are processed with paste resin and calcium powder to make a paste state, and the material impurities are less, soTo soft, good toughness; Calendering products are genera
  • 22-05-2024

    Comparison of anti-skid performance between TPR backing and rubber backing
    As for the anti-slip performance of TPR backing and RUBBER backing, we conducted a test. TPR backing and RUBBER backing tilt the board at the same starting point of the board, and the RUBBER backing will slide first, and the TPR backing will slide later, which shows that the TPR backing is more anti-slip.
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